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Mixing technology
and good reading

to improve the reading experience


What is a PathBook?

In a PathBook you get to choose the course of the story and the events in the book,
you become the main character and you reach an ending created by your own decisions.
Images, music, decisions and an intense story is what awaits you in each of our Pathbooks.
Choose wisely.


A reading experience

Reinventing the concept of “reading” by creating a unique engaging experience by mixing technology and good reading.

  • Choose the path of the story
  • Thousands of readers are enjoying this new concept of reading.
  • Wake up, get inspired, write now!

Writers Wanted
Join Us!

We are looking for audacious writers.
Our books are written by professional and amateur writers around the world.
Dare to write your own interactive book and join this movement.
You write the book and we will transform it into a whole great experience.


Watch the Video

A minute of your time will change the way you’ll wish to read.

Our Books

Enjoy our variety of books, live amazing stories, meet fantastic and unforgettable characters. We hope you enjoy and recommend our books.


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