What is a PathBook?

Reinventing the concept of reading


In a Pathbook you get to choose the course of the story and the events in the book, you become the main character reaching multiple endings created by your own decisions. A Pathbook has to be a live story, a non-linear book. It’s a new way to generate intense emotions and unforgettable memories in the reader. The best way to do this is by creating an interactive experience where the reader is part of the story.

Meet our Pathbooks

Stories for everyone, have a look and live a new experience.

We’re creating NEW possibilities in the art and craft of storytelling where autors are limited only by their imagination. Get fully immersed in our apps, they’re not just books nor games, we call them PATHBOOKS, we are keeping the essence of good reading and we use technology to create a great experience. Read a Pathbook and enjoy reading like never before.

imagine you could decide and change the path in this story

Have you ever wanted to change the ending of your favorite book? Now you can! Good, bad, unexpected, sad, and of course happy endings awaits for you.

We are dreamers, meet us!

It let you choose your own endings by making decisions through the story and blending that with good music and images, that’s when you feel inside the book and became the main character leading you into different kinds of endings.

Pathbook readers said

Great Book

Richard Blue Kaito

I enojoyed the newly enhanced experience of living and watching how my decisions affected the course of he story. I have found two endings i don’t know if there are more but i love it so far.

Love it!

Heather Stone

I love living a book Living a book keeps me interested normally I et bored reading books but these books keep me wanting to know the end and there are so many different endings absolutely love it!

Very Good

Carol Anne

It would be great if you make more long stories, i love the concept.

Fantastic for Kids


Monster and the cat is a great book, fully recommended

Best Book Ever

Ankit Sharma

Dark Forest its one of the best book i have read, i really loved it. Thanks "living a book" for such an book, i'll want more of the books from you.

The greatest of all I have experienced so far

Nguyen Mai Huong

Personally, i didnt expect this game would go far from my expectation like that

The pathbooks are definitely redefining the concept of reading.

enjoy reading like never before and choose wisely