20000 Leagues
Jules Verne’s masterpiece, read the original story turned interactive.
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Jule's Verne Masterpiece. Read the Original Story turned Interactive. A state of the art submarine crossing the seven seas, the eccentric captain Nemo his crew and its three prisoners, Pierre Arronax, Conceil and Ned Land. Discover the unimaginable adventures that only Jules Verne's mind could imagine.

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20,000 Leagues

Chapter 7

After a few moments of silence I hesitantly I began to question the Captain:

“Please tell me about your past Captain, and how it was that you arrived at the difficult decision to remove yourself from all traces of dry land.”

I immediately noticed a change in Captain Nemo’s face. It became hard, and his eyes darkened as he unexpectedly stood up, supporting himself with both hands on the table as he leaned forward. “Difficult you say? Difficult, Professor?” replied the Captain briskly.

“Let me tell you it was the wisest decision I have ever made in my life. Nothing about that decision was difficult, nothing at all. Is it difficult to withdraw oneself from a terrible world, a world full of inhumane people? Is it hard to renounce a world where wars are fought over riches and the value of human life is measured against a bank note? Is it difficult to remove oneself from a world in decline? No Professor, no it wasn’t.”

The Captain had regained his accustomed coldness of expression. “And furthermore I do not allow anyone to ask about my past. From the first moment I set foot inside the Nautilus I was Captain Nemo, nothing else. My past has been erased.” Surprised by the response of the Captain and having no other choice, I directed the conversation to other topics.

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