The Monster and the Cat
Perfect for Children, a fun and entretaining book.


A monster, which thrives on a diet of little girls, cats, and toys, lurks on the roof of a 9 year old girl’s home. Our heroine won’t have to deal with this alone however, as she meets up with a masked, chatterbox cat who helps her face up to the terrible monster. Dare to join them in this funny and exciting adventure.

Language:English & Spanish

Reading Time:15 to 30 minutes


Latest Version:2.0

The Monster and the Cat

Chapter 2

The very next evening, very strange noises can be heard coming from the roof. It’s as if someone was walking on the roof slowly while munching on something. Abi is afraid. The small cat jumps onto her bed, and they both hide under the covers.

“Did you hear that Abi? It sounds like someone is walking on the roof. It might be the girl-eating monster. Would you like me to go and scare it away?” asks the cat bravely.

Scare It Away
Please Stay

The Writer

Kassandra R.

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