Meet your Man
A sugestive romantic novel for women with adventurous desire.
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A girl must decide between three admirers who have shown her interest. Some decisions are hard to take but we should get swept up in the way of love and passion.

Language:English & Spanish

Reading Time:20 to 60 minutes

Category:Romantic Novel

Latest Version:2.0

Meet your Man

Chapter 1

You're a simple girl, full of youth and you possess a natural beauty. You find yourself in a situation where you must choose the perfect guy to start a new relationship. In recent years, you've had terrible experiences with all the wrong guys, whom you definitely would have been better off avoiding.
Now like never before, you feel the need to love and be loved, and you have the opportunity to choose between three admirers who over time have shown interest in you.

Emilio Fuster
George Da Souza
Steve Russel

The Writer

K Vila

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