Dark Forest
Supernatural mystery and adventure thriller for brave readers.
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Louis Versetti, a young heir leaves his mansion looking for a new life, but the "Dark Forest" stands before him. Dark Forest is the place where he will experience a supernatural encounter and troubles he has never imagined.

Language:English & Spanish

Reading Time:20 to 40 minutes


Latest Version:2.0

Dark Forest

Chapter 3

Feeling somewhat frightened, he examines the house, looking at that collection of weird things hanging from the ceiling, the paintings on the walls and all the bottles with unknown ingredients stored in cedar chests. The old witches’ stories come to mind once more and Louis is again invaded by fear.

─Could all those witches’ tales I heard as a child be true?─ thinks Louis as he hesitantly sits down in the armchair by the chimney.

Louis doesn’t know what to do, and his father’s impassive face in which he’d rarely, if ever, seen an expression which revealed fear or nervousness, comes to mind. ─What would my father do in this situation and what would he advise me to do now?─

After thinking about this briefly, Louis makes his decision:

Help the woman
Leave the house

The Writer

J.L. Caballero

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