Criminal Mind
A story filled with ecstasy, emotion and mystery.
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Charlotte, a young student meets Lian, who she considers her prince charming, however, she soon finds herself wrapped up in a relationship of passion with unexplainable murders. Lian manages to dig deep in the darkest parts of her mind, places that she never knew existed.

A story filled with ecstasy, emotion and mystery. Charlotte wakes up in a strange room and doesn’t remember anything at all. There is a naked and lifeless body next to her. You should decide which actions our protagonist should take. Help her confront the unexpected events and determine what is real from what’s not.

Language:English & Spanish

Reading Time:20 to 60 minutes

Category:Suspense Novel

Latest Version:2.0

Criminal Mind

Chapter 1

When I opened my eyes the sun was shining through the window. I guess it was noon because it was beating down. I looked at the ceiling; it was a cream color and there was a lamp shaped like tears; the walls were an apricot color—some rustic pictures hanging. My gaze was fixed on them for a moment, then I just opened my eyes completely; a lock of hair was in my eye; I tossed it out of the way.

I felt something humid when I touched my face; my hand covered with blood. I sat up in bed, startled, and I saw him beside me—a man with short hair, dark skin, eyes closed, his face and chest covered with blood. He had a trickle of blood hanging out of his mouth, but it was already dry. I did not understand what was happening, why there was a wounded man beside me and where he had been. I touched him to wake him up—he was cold. His skin was bone-wrenching cold.


The Writer

Carla M. San Martin

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